EasyUnit - An easy C++ unit testing framework

  • a unit testing framework for C++ which is extremely simple and easily customizable;
  • EC++ compatible for embedded version (no STL, RTTI, multiple inheritance and exceptions);
  • no boilerplate code : 0 line, none, niet, nada;
  • results output and test execution are entirely customizable;
  • default configuration are optimized for general needs;
  • based on Michael Feathers' CppUnitLite framework.

EasyUnit : Simple, Easy, Efficient

EasyUnit was created to ease creation and use of unit testing in C++. Most of the existing frameworks ask programmers to create objects and use macros to administer test cases in addition to write their own test cases. It is the author belief that boilerplate code and taking care of test administration discourage programmers and students to use unit testing even if it is representing one line of code per test case.

EasyUnit : Embedded and Standard version

EasyUnit is delivered in two versions:

  • EasyUnit embedded version is fully compatible with EC++ and contains only a minimum of classes.
  • EasyUnit standard version adds exception handling and more customization. Key differences from embedded version are:
    • Exceptions detection. This makes EasyUnit incompatible with EC++.
    • More testprinters (output customization) and testrunners (testcase filter). Those add-ons are available in a separate package for the embedded version.

Thanks to SourceForge for hosting this project:

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© 2004 Barthélémy Dagenais
EasyUnit is released under LGPL